SolutionsMax perceives that present day communication is not restricted to telecom and email correspondence, it has advanced in leaps and bounds, becoming socially integrated.

As of November 2012, statistics reveal that 98% of adults in the age group of 18 to 24 years, regularly access social networking sites and professionals across globe account for a major chunk of this percentage. Businesses are seeking aid of social tools to get valuable customer insights and render better services that cater to the changing industry needs. Social networking software solutions are aimed at empowering businesses with social capabilities that improve their customer outreach, while strengthening in-house employee collaboration. The need of integrating professional social software solutions into current business models is paramount.

Challenges & Opportunities

Traditional Collaboration Tools: With the evolving industry needs, there is a need to raise the bar of communication and collaboration processes as well. Organizations are relying on age-old tools such as email, to collaborate with both consumers and employees. Customers, vendors and employees look for more natural collaboration modes through which they can share, relate and succeed. Opening up silos is the call of the hour.

Socializing Intranet: Typically, Intranet has become an old school, keeping in mind the technological makeover the industry is currently undergoing. Content is often processed and feels out of date. Internal business sites are lacking the dynamics of social communication. Organizations are required to revive the average intranet into a strategic and compelling corporate tool that puts people in the center of conversations.

Private Business Communities: Cut-throat competition prevailing in the industry requires businesses to work in close collaboration with trusted partners and vendors and focus on mutual success. A gated community where businesses can collaborate and communicate with customers, trusted channel partners and key stakeholders with ease, is a smart business move.

Customer-Facing Employees: In order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to keep pace with the changing requisites. Strong customer service department, equipped with social skills, can elevate sales and improve customer satisfaction ratio. Customer-facing representatives should have easy access to information that they need now, including competitive intelligence, marketing collaterals and live customer statistics. This is a pre-requisite, especially to increase productivity fourfold.

How SolutionsMax Delivers Business Value

SolutionsMax renders software solutions that make your business more productive, even in the age of rapid changes. By adding social collaboration and communication features to your business model, SolutionsMax helps you increase both sales and customer satisfaction. With our tailored software solutions, you can onboard new employees in a faster, simplified and more effective manner. Adding social capabilities to your workflow can be a game changer, and SolutionsMax consultants know how to do it in the best manner. We, at SolutionsMax, render social software solutions that equipped with following enticing features:

Personalization: Every business has it individual preferences and requisites. No two business models are alike, and comprehending this fact SolutionsMax develops social solutions that provide you with ample opportunities to personalize to sync with your business structure. Right from look and feel to security access, our solutions can be easily customized to add value to your business model.

Communication: This is the most significant collateral of a successful business organization. A proper communication channel ensures that your business benefits from valuable customer insights and caters to their needs in a more targeted manner. Solutions rendered by SolutionsMax let you share information, collaborate towards improvements, and gain a competitive advantage.

Privacy: Social collaboration doesn't necessarily mean a breach in the security model of your business. Our solutions provide maximum flexibility so that you can choose the privacy levels that compliment the need of your business and also that of your clients.

Resource Sharing and Collaboration: Internal and external resource sharing and collaborative efforts promote business expansion across verticals. We, at SolutionsMax, render software solutions that are capable of supporting sharing of various types of resources including media, documents, utility applications and games on both intranet and extranet.

SolutionsMax's Social Networking Solutions

  • Social Networking Software
  • System Messages
  • Content Management
  • App development including business apps, game apps and contest apps
  • Comprehensive viral statistics
  • Facebook API development and integration
  • Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Applications
  • Message Boards
  • Shared Media
  • Video Podcast

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