GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment. Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of management costs, minimizes paper and brings in accountability in every single operation, enhance communication among students, teachers, management staff and parents. Its single sign on feature will give flexibility to integrate with existing or new software systems.

GurukoolMax portal website leverages institution to reach out public, alumni and prospective students. This will give chance for fund raising opportunities and also more student admissions every year. Institution can broaden their programs availability for part time or distant educating students by going into online world.

With GurukoolMax , administrators can use the internet to manage every aspect of their school and lead their students and faculty. Keeping track of student records and progress has now been revolutionized by SolutionsMax Inc as administrators will now have access to real-time student and important school-wide information. Immediate access to all the information you need to manage intra-school operations is provided for you to help meet the demanding challenges of each new day.

The value that GurukoolMax Inc brings to an administrator cannot simply be measured in dollars and cents. We help clear desks and allow administrators the freedom and opportunity to interact with their students and faculty. The free and expedient flow of communication will greatly improve the efficiency of your school, and with admissions, billing, and donations features, you will have access to tools that will help you reach an unparalleled level of organization, where all offices can share and communicate critical information amongst themselves efficiently and seamlessly.

With GurukoolMax you can:

  • Increase student engagement: Give students easy ways to connect with their teachers and their peers to get them more engaged in their classes
  • Facilitate anytime, anywhere learning: Provide your students with single sign-on access to learning materials and campus resourcesfrom library content to complete online coursesat any time, from virtually anywhere, and from any type of connected device. Youll create a virtual campus that never closes.
  • Make better decisions: Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all business functions and disciplines with accurate, readily-available data presented in intuitive and familiar formats
  • Let faculty focus on research and instruction: Make it easier for your faculty to find instructional resources; assess students; record and track grades; and communicate with their colleagues and students, and they will have more time and energy to focus on important research and facilitate meaningful learning experiences that meet the unique needs of individual students
  • Streamline administrative tasks: Make it easy for students to register for classes, access financial aid information, pay their tuition, sign-up for lunch programs, report absences, and more from any computer
  • Flexible functionality and deployment: Our portals are simple enough for novice users, yet robust enough for power users. A scalable, standards-based platform means you can start small and roll-out new features and functionality as you are ready
  • Easy GUI: Adding and customizing content on your portal is easy thanks to an intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with external applications
  • Personalized, role-based access: Providing single sign-on access to content on your portal based on role is simple, so you can ensure everyone can find what they need and only what they are authorized to see